Jillian Michaels Yoga | Why Is This Famous Among Yogis?

by Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Jillian Michaels yoga workouts were released a couple of years ago, but yogis are still raving about them. Perhaps you’re curious too. I will show you the main reasons why people are crazy about them in this blog post.

It’s the start of the week but I can feel my couch calling me for some TV time, catching up on my favorite fall shows on Netflix. But aside from that, I want you and me to take this precious time to work out and enjoy yoga! But if you’re like me who prefers to spend the week at home, then I have a proposition for you. Why don’t we try Jillian Michaels yoga?

Jillian Michaels Yoga | Why Is This Famous Among Yogis?

Intense, Powerful, Fast-Paced Yoga

Does the name Jillian Michaels sound familiar? Of course, it is, especially if you’ve been watching fitness reality shows like The Biggest Loser. She’s one of the trainers for many, many seasons.

But her popularity rests not only on her media exposure but also on her fitness background. She knows kickboxing and Pilates, to name a few (of course, yoga), and she has plenty of certifications with her name on it. She’s even a certificate holder for nutrition. How about that? It’s no wonder she has such an amazing body.

She’s also famous for releasing a lot of workout videos, and these include those that teach you how to do her style of yoga, which a lot of yogis still talk about. Why do they love it anyway?

1.Work Out Anytime, Anywhere

Jillian Michaels has so far released two DVDs for yoga. The first one is called Meltdown.

The workout is composed of two levels, which you can complete in one session or you can follow at your own pace. The first time I tried this workout, I started with level 1 and rested for about a day before I proceeded to the next level because my body just felt sore.

The second one is called Inferno.

If the title sounds ominous, well, it probably is. This is the only yoga I know that’s done in the middle of the desert! But the good news is you don’t have to subject yourself to the scorching heat of the sun as you can replay these DVDs over and over right in your own home.

The DVDs are still sold almost everywhere, but if you don’t want to buy, you can rent on Netflix.

2.Killer Workout, Short Time

How much time do you spend in yoga? Usually, a class lasts for 60 minutes. Jillian Michaels yoga, on the other hand, is good for around 30 minutes per level, and that already includes the warm-up and the cool down. And if you find the sequences difficult, you can always cut back to 15 minutes or even less. Again, you can do the exercise according to your own pace. Regardless, the kind of yoga is just perfect for busy yogis like mommas taking care of their household.

3. Great for Those Who Find Yoga Boring

Yoga is often slow and low impact, which explains why some people don’t last in it. We’re already so used to a fast-paced life! However, this, I believe, is one of the main reasons why yogis like Jillian Michaels yoga. It has some elements of power yoga, where asanas change very quickly. For example, in Meltdown, one asana is done about ten times before you hold it for 15 seconds with proper deep breathing before you proceed to the next one. Meanwhile, in Inferno, she makes it even more challenging by adding weights and even combining yoga with features of high-intensity interval training.

4. Burn Those Fats, Sculpt Those Muscles

I cannot vouch to the kind of weight loss guarantee Jillian Michaels offers to anyone who buys her DVDs, but if the copious amounts of sweat were any indication of how good her kind of yoga is, then there must be a hint of truth to it. I went online to find out just how much people are burning by doing her yoga, and I found one. Just look at the image above. That’s a whopping 457 calories in just about an hour of workout. A typical hatha yoga burns about 200 calories per hour.

But weight loss isn’t the only thing her yoga workout does. It also promises body sculpting and strengthening, which means you just don’t get rid of fat but you gain muscle. In other words, within 30 minutes, you’re engaging your entire body while increasing your flexibility. Sounds like a great deal for any yogi, right?

5. Tough Jillian

Some people find Jillian to be pretty mean for a trainer. But this is actually how I see her after I’ve tried her DVDs:

You see, Jillian is all about tough love. She doesn’t accept lame excuses and pushes you to the limit simply because she believes you can. Any yogi would love the extra push.

She’s a great teacher who can show how far you can go if you just practice discipline when doing yoga. She also balances her fierceness with encouraging words, which is very similar to what happens when you join a yoga class, so you can consider her DVDs your introduction to our practice.

Also, in her videos, you’ll find her doing workouts with at least a pair of other yogis. This is to show you modified versions of an asana, depending on your fitness level. This is awesome for beginners who sometimes end up frustrated if they cannot perform a posture as great as the teacher.


Personally, I think what endears Jillian Michaels yoga to a lot of yogis is its honesty and sincerity. Her style of yoga shows the practice isn’t boring and there’s always room for learning and improvement. Just take it from Jillian:

Have you tried Jillian Michaels yoga? How was it? Share your story in the Comments section below! If you want to feel more inspired in your yoga practice, read these

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