Anti-Gravity Yoga Poses For Beginners

by Monday, September 12, 2016

Did you know you can soar in yoga? It’s called anti-gravity yoga! If you’re a beginner, you can try these amazing moves.

Ah, we’re so close to winter, aren’t we? My kids are already talking about their plans once they meet Granny this Christmas. As for me, I am busy finalizing my class schedules within the next two months. I hope by December, I’m free to enjoy some downtime and take care of personal stuff. That doesn’t mean, however, I’ll forget about blogging. In fact, I have something to introduce to you. It’s called anti-gravity yoga!

Anti-Gravity Yoga Poses For Beginners

5 Amazing Aerial Poses You Can Try Today

Anti-gravity yoga is called by many names including hammock and aerial, but they all work the same way: you’ll spend some time suspended off your mat with the help of a specially designed hammock, complemented by stirrups and loops (see the image below) just to help you balance and do your alignments properly .

Aerial yoga isn’t as easy as when you’re doing asanas or poses on the mat, but doing it can do great wonders to your body especially in preventing compression of the spine, which is common when doing inversions like headstands. It also enhances the alignment of your body, particularly the spine and neck, so you can achieve greater flexibility and range of motion, as well as improve your posture. Moreover, since you’re forced to lift your own weight, anti-gravity yoga can reward you with stronger, more toned arm and legs.

Ready to give it a try? Check out these poses!

1. Layback In Cross

Anti-Gravity Yoga Poses For Beginners

Do your muscles need a good stretch? The Layback In Cross position expands the chest, shoulders, and legs, which helps relieve any tension or stress within these areas. It’s also a good way to remind yourself in this yoga class, you’re open, accepting, and embracing of the positive energy flowing within and around you.

2. Tree Pose

The tree pose is one of the deceptive asanas out there: it looks easy but then it’s really not. One of the biggest challenges is to create and maintain balance while exercising mindfulness. However, you cannot do away with it since balance is also an important element in yoga. The good news is once you’ve mastered the tree pose while in a hammock, other aerial poses will be much easier for you.

3. Floating Corpse Pose

Anti-Gravity Yoga Poses For Beginners

Savasana is one of my favorite poses whether on the mat or suspended in a hammock. It calms the mind, relaxes the whole body, and improves the quality of sleep. It’s a good way to begin and end any yoga class. On a personal note, doing the Floating Corpse pose also allows me to envelop myself with love and positive energy as I wrap myself in a cocoon.

4. Vampire Pose

A lot of yogis I know who are into anti-gravity yoga vote the Vampire Pose as their favorite. That’s understandable, though. It’s one of the simplest moves that can really make you feel as if you can fly. Also, if you want to build an amazing core and an upper body, this is an awesome move to do. It’s like doing plank in the air. See how it really works out here:

5. Star Inversion

Anti-gravity yoga has a lot of inversions, and there’s no better way to acquaint yourself with them than by doing the Star Inversion pose. It will also orient you on how to do loops to keep yourself steady while you’re doing stands.

Worried about anti-gravity yoga? Don’t be! To lower your anxiety, let me share with you an idea of a beginner’s course with this video from Maha Pura Yoga

Don’t expect some Cirque du Soleil moves in anti-gravity yoga. There may also be fewer inversions and flips when you’re still a beginner. Nevertheless, it remains to be an awesome way to work out while having fun. Unless you have medical issues particularly affecting the back, bone, and spine (see a doctor before you do this!), it’s definitely worth a try.

What do you think of anti-gravity yoga? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below. While you’re at it, check out another incredible kind of yoga

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