8 Teen Yoga Pants Your Kids Will Enjoy Wearing

by Friday, September 9, 2016

When it comes to yoga, the right clothing matters. For teens who are starting the practice, here are 8 teen yoga pants they will love to wear all the time.

Hello there! How’s the weekday treating you so far? I’m happy to share tonight I’ll be teaching another class for the young ones – well, teens, actually. I received a ton of positive feedback the last time I did it, so parents and students are requesting for round 2. It feels great to know many teens are trying yoga. If I had known all these benefits years ago, I would have started early too. But I think one of the major reasons for the growing interest among this group is the availability of a LOT of teen yoga pants like the ones I’ll share below.

8 Teen Yoga Pants Your Kids Will Enjoy Wearing

Cool, Comfy, Trendy Pants On And Off The Mat

8 Teen Yoga Pants Your Kids Will Enjoy Wearing

Before I proceed, I want to clarify one thing first. There seems to be some confusion about yoga pants and leggings. Although they appear very similar, since they tend to fit the curves of the waist and legs, they have marked differences, especially at the bottom. Most of the yoga pants flare at the bottom, and they’re usually made of stronger and thicker material. However, for this post, I’ll treat leggings and traditional yoga pants in the same category as more people, instructors even, are now wearing both. This will also give you more choices.

So are you ready to find out awesome yoga pant options for your teens?

1. Most-Loved Yoga Pants From Victoria’s Secret

image via Victoria’s Secret

There’s a good reason why it’s labeled as the “most-loved yoga pants” by Victoria’s Secret: it’s extremely comfortable. It has an excellent inseam, so you won’t have to worry when they’re making a lot of bends, and it comes in a variety of designs without veering too far away from the common yoga pant style. Of course, it screams sexy without going overboard.

2. Wunder Under Pant From Lululemon

Lululemon is one of the trusted brands for anything yoga, so it’s a given you have several great choices for teen yoga pants here. What I love about their Wunder Under Pants collection is the thick and long waistband, which you can adjust depending on the flexibility level the yoga class requires.

As a side note, don’t forget to check out their fall collection. Check out the teaser below:

3. Safari Palm Yoga Pants From Bandiers

I am a huge, huge fan of colorful and printed yoga pants and leggings. Not only are they comfortable, they’re nice to look at too. I find myself happier and more motivated when I wear them. When it comes to prints, one of my go-to brands is Bandiers. I am pretty confident teens would adore this.

4. Vintage Loose Pants From Oasap

When you want something that goes well with the boho chic look, choose this. I think teens will love the intricate patterns on the pants as well as the wide opening at the bottom, so there’s plenty of space for great asanas.

5. Dachshund Dog With Red Bow Leggings from Etsy

An incredibly beautiful and cute pair of teen yoga pants! It is also moisture wicking, has a long adjustable waistband, and is available in different sizes.

6. Ryle Crop Loose Pants from Prana

It’s never too early to be more conscious about sustainability. Aside from the cool design that makes it wearable street style, this Ryle Crop Loose pants from Prana also carries the Bluesign certification, which is a way of saying this is an environment-friendly product, thanks to its recycled polyester.

7. Kaleidalogo Pants from Underarmour

Does your teen have a class after yoga? Just in case they don’t have time to change their clothing, they can wear this pair of teen yoga pants from Underarmour. It’s super comfortable, even when they’re already sweating a lot. In fact, by the time they’re in school, they’ll feel dry. The drawstring allows them to adjust the tightness of their pants quickly and conveniently.

8. Alo Yoga Mesh Leggings from Nordstrom

This pair of Alo Yoga mesh leggings is perfect for the fall as it goes well with boots. Stylish and beautiful, this pair allows the skin to breathe, so it feels cool after every yoga workout. The stirrups also secure the pants even when there are plenty of lifts and headstands.

Teen yoga pants these days are so trendy they deserve to be part of your teen’s lookbook! Check out this video from MissAlex

The yoga pants on the list are great for older teen girls, but again, it all depends on your teen’s size and the level of comfort they need. Before you buy, make sure you’ve checked out their size charts, all right? Don’t forget to involve your teens during your purchase too. Make it a great time to bond and enjoy shopping.

Is there a pair of teen yoga pants you like from the list? Share them in the Comments section below. Pair them too with the right exercise gear.  

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