Jade Yoga Mat | Why Yogis Are Loving It?

by Thursday, September 1, 2016

Although there are many brands for yoga mats out there, only a few really stand out. One of them is Jade Yoga mat. Find out what makes it appealing to yogis.

In one of my Vinyasa classes, I received a very interesting question from a beginner: “Can I do yoga without a mat?” My answer is yes, and a lot of people have done it practically everywhere, such as the beach, their home, on the road, etc. However, there’s a good reason why we use a mat, and that includes keeping our bodies safe from injuries.

Jade Yoga Mat | Why Yogis Are Loving It?

Flexibility And Grip Right On The Mat

A good mat helps us achieve proper alignment, protects active body parts like the knees and feet, and lets us complete a class or a session with less stress or body tension. Not all yoga mats are great, unfortunately. Only a few can meet my and other experienced yogis’ expectations. One of them is a Jade yoga mat. If you ever wonder why yogis such as me love a Jade yoga mat, then here are my answers.

Options, Options, Options

Jade Yoga Mat | Why Yogis Are Loving It?

Jade yoga mats are available in a wide array of colors. For somebody who believes the yoga mat is the extension of the self during a class, this actually matters. They are also sold in various thickness. This is important since you need to have a yoga mat that fits your needs. For example, if you’re a frequent traveler, your yoga mat must be light enough it’s easy to roll and slip into your luggage.

JadeYoga currently has five choices for its mats:

  • Harmony, which is the most popular type of yoga mat
  • Fusion, which is very thick it’s great if you need additional comfort
  • Travel, which is obviously used for yogis on the go
  • XW, which is extra wide, or extra thick and wide
  • Voyager, which is thin and nice for people who like to feel the ground under their feet

Non Slip, Nice Grip

Yogis love a Jade yoga mat since it offers them traction especially when they’re doing bends and headstands. A nice grip ensures you can comfortably slide your feet, and you can steady yourself, particularly on balance poses. In other words, it improves your performance and reduces the risk of injuries.

A Jade yoga mat can also maintain its non-slip properties and great grip even when you’re sweating. However, if you’re naturally a heavy sweater, it’s best if you can lay a towel on top of the mat for extra traction and grip.

Thick Cushions

Jade Yoga Mat | Why Yogis Are Loving It?

As mentioned, thickness varies among yoga mats. The thicker it is, the more cushion it provides. Now cushion is essential because it’s what reduces injury risks and discomfort. Can you imagine how uncomfortable it is to do salutations or downward dog poses when you can feel the hard surface beneath you? Yogis like the fact a Jade Yoga mat has enough thickness it protects the feet, knees, and other parts of the body while you can still feel the ground, which is important when you’re doing balance poses.

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In addition, these mats are very easy to roll (look how nice they look when rolled up in the picture above), so they are convenient to carry. They do have some weight, but they’re not as heavy as other high-quality mats in the market.

Yoga Mats and Trees

This one I love the most. Yoga mats are made of different materials, but if you want something very strong, you need one that’s made of, say, PVC. The problem is it’s not environment-friendly. Jade Yoga mat is. In fact, it is made of rubber. To make things even nicer, the company plants a tree every time you buy a yoga mat. They also partner with other charities and environment-related causes. For a yogi, this is a good example of living a life of compassion or ahimsa.

Want to find out how a Jade Yoga mat is made? Check out this video from Yoga on Gaia:

A Jade Yoga mat isn’t the cheapest mat out there. However, given all these benefits, it is definitely worth the money. So get yourself one and try it!

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