Yoga for Women | 5 Ways To Turn You Into A Goddess

by Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Remember the time when you’re younger and dreamed about becoming a princess? Well, scratch that. Today, we work to be a goddess! Here are my five secret yoga for women tricks to achieve that.

What is a goddess? Definitely, we have our own ways of defining the word. As for me, over the years, I’ve learned that the road toward goddess-ship (yes, I’ve just made that up!) isn’t exactly easy. It requires building one’s confidence, loving oneself, achieving peace despite the problems that come my way, being strong, and radiating inner and outer beauty.

Yoga For Women | 5 Ways To Turn You Into A Goddess

I have achieved all these by doing yoga for women! I want to pass the good fortune to you by sharing 5 specific poses for every goddess objective. Be the best version of yourself every single day.

For Confidence: Warrior III

Are you up for an interview for a very important high-paying job? Do you feel as if you’re not competent enough? We all have those days when we are not our best. But you should not spend your time sulking. Cheer yourself and boost your confidence with a Warrior III pose that promotes balance, concentration, physical strength, and better legs so you can stand taller and prouder.

For Peace Of Mind: Dancer’s Pose

Work, child care, pregnancy, relationships, and even PMS – yup, we women face A LOT of stressors. Sometimes they do get to us, and we just like to give up! Of course, we should not. In times when your mind seems to be filled with anxiety, regain your peace of mind with the Dancer’s Pose. It teaches you to be engaged but at ease.

For Self-Love: Compassionate Eagle Pose

What do you do when your insecurities creep out like the monster in the closet? I do yoga, and one of the yoga for women poses I absolutely love is Compassionate Eagle Pose. It’s a simple but a very strong reminder that no one can love me more than myself. To love myself, I should accept everything I am, including my flaws.

For Strength: Forearm Plank

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Day 6 of #RoadToPincha is shoulder strengthener no. 2. I've chosen #ForearmplankPose as another effective shoulder strengthening pose. . . HOSTS @northernstar_yoga @yogiaubrey @yogawesermarsch @lottasebzdayoga . . SPONSORS @aloyoga @alo.moves . . Wearing Hand To Big Toe set by @eightfoldyoga . . Tropical Mood Suede Mat by @yoggys_foryogis . . #igyoga #yogalife #yogamom #selftaughtyoga #zen #myhealth #myhappiness #namasté #om  #stretching #yogaisanart #yogaeverywhere #yogalove #yogagirl #yogajourney #yogapractice #yogaphilippines #practiceandalliscoming #makaraadhomukhasvanasana #forearmplankpose . . @ChallengeThyYoga @QuantumYoga @YogaChallenge.Life @YogaChallengeWorld @loveyogaforlife

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Fitness for me is being strong, and I believe the Forearm Plank is one of the best moves for yoga for women. When you get to perfect this by doing it regularly, you’ll develop stronger arms, tighter abs, and more toned legs – indeed, this workout engages a lot of your major muscles.

For Beauty: Marichyasana C

Marichyasana C | Yoga for Women 5 Ways To Turn You Into a Goddess

The Marichyasana series can be a good complement to yoga poses for anti-aging. The movements may be more complicated than the others in this list, but they are great detoxifiers. By removing toxins building in your body, you protect your organs from premature deterioration and enhance the quality of your skin, making you look and feel beautiful.

Here’s one more tip to becoming a goddess: be lean and fit! Watch this 20-minute yoga for women workout by Erica

Do these yoga for women poses to boost your confidence, calm, peace of mind, strength, focus, and self-love. It won’t be long before you achieve goddess level.

Invite love, positivity, and goodness in your life. Read more about Karma Yoga. Let me know too which of these yoga for women poses you like in the Comments section!

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