Summer Olympics 2016 | Get Ready With These Relaxing Yoga Poses

by Thursday, August 11, 2016

The heat is definitely on in Brazil! After all, it’s Summer Olympics 2016. I bet you’re excited to catch the games, but while you’re at it, you may also do these relaxing yoga poses to calm yourself down. The adrenaline-pumping games are beginning as Summer Olympics 2016 officially opens in the Land of Samba, Brazil. You may not be there, but you can show your support by watching the games on TV, Internet, or mobile.

Summer Olympics 2016 | Get Ready With These Relaxing Yoga Poses

6 Poses To Beat The Stress While Watching The Games

But wait, be careful. You may get really excited that you end up feeling so stressed. To bring down your heart rate, ease the tension, and shoo the stress away, do these relaxing yoga poses:

1. Reclined Bound Angle Pose


It’s a relaxing yoga pose that also exercises your thighs and groin, preparing your body for follow-up sitting or standing postures. Moreover, it improves blood circulation and thus lowers your heart rate. If you’re pregnant, you can modify this by supporting your upper torso with a thick foam or blanket.

2. Corpse Pose

Don’t let this posture fool you. Even experienced yoginis like me struggle with this from time to time. The problem isn’t the pose itself – hey, you’re just lying there and concentrating on your deep breaths – but doing absolutely nothing.

3. Three-Part Breath

Summer Olympics 2016 | Get Ready With These Relaxing Yoga Poses

The Three-Part Breath is one of best breathing techniques you’ll ever learn. It prepares you not only for succeeding asanas but also for a deeper meditative state. To do this, you have to be completely relaxed with your spine aligned and abdomen not compressed. Place your hand on the lower abdomen and feel the air going into your nose, filling your belly, lifting it, expanding the ribs, and lifting your chest.

4. Child Pose

When you do the child’s pose, your back will thank you for it. It’s a great way to relieve any tension buildup around the back or spine area, as well as on the shoulders, arms, and even thighs, as you stretch your body.

5. Legs Up The Wall

Leg Up The Wall | Summer Olympics 2016

When I was young, I used to stare up the ceiling while raising my legs up the wall to help me sleep. It turns out, it does wonders to yoga practitioners too. This calms the mind, relieves aches and pains in the legs, calves, and feet, and stretches the back.

6. Headstand

Headstand | Summer Olympics 2016

This may be the most difficult of all the postures in this list, but a Headstand can be a very good way to ease your mind of worries and noise. Of course, getting this done is a feat worthy of a pat on the back.

Remember, Summer Olympics 2016 should get you stressed in a good way. If it starts to build up negative emotions and tensions in the body, pause and perform some relaxing yoga poses. Now go cheer for your team!

The sun is out! Here are easy summer yoga poses you can do outdoors.

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