Kundalini Yoga | 7 Dangers You Need To Know

by Tuesday, August 9, 2016

One of the most controversial types of yoga is kundalini yoga. Many doctors and even some practitioners call it dangerous. But how?

Kundalini yoga is an ancient form of yoga performed to release the energy “trapped” in the base of the spine, which is often likened to a coiled serpent. The yoga’s purpose is to provide healing, especially to the nervous system by releasing this coiled energy. However, it does so much more and affects every inch of your essence: mind, body, and spirit.

Kundalini Yoga | 7 Dangers You Need To Know

How To Be A More Responsible Kundalini Yogi

Let me get one thing straight here: kundalini yoga is not the enemy. It is also not a wrong yoga practice. But the sudden release of the massive energy, which is sometimes referred to as chi or energy flow, can be so strong and potent it creates side effects.

Here are the 7 dangers that you need to know:

1. Information Overload

Yoga, coupled with meditation, promotes a deeper and higher level of awareness. Kundalini yoga, though, is quite different. When energy rushes forth suddenly, the yogi can experience an immense information overload with visions of events and even people the yogi isn’t familiar with.

2. Psychological Effects

Kundalini Yoga | 7 Dangers You Need To Know

Some people also complain of psychological effects such as confusion, anxiety, depression, and paranoia. These issues can worsen if the yogi is already diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. For this reason, one of the dangers of kundalini yoga is a psychotic breakdown.

3. Physical Symptoms

The release of the kundalini energy affects not only the mind and spirit but also the body. You may not see it, but you feel it as tingling and itching sensations on the fingers and toes or electric vibrations all around your body. Sometimes it leads to digestive or gastrointestinal problems, as well as muscle cramps or body pain.

4. Sleeping Problems

Kundalini Yoga | 7 Dangers You Need To Know

When your mind and body are bombarded with so much sensation, you will feel disturbed, which may lead to lack or loss of sleep. Sleeping problems are also linked to mental health issues, which may manifest after a kundalini yoga session.

5. Sexual Difficulty

The effect of kundalini yoga to a person’s sexual function is interesting. While the energy tends to heighten the tension, sometimes it goes into an overdrive that, in the end, the person can lose sexual vitality.

6. Prolonged Effects

Kundalini Yoga | 7 Dangers You Need To Know

There’s no assurance how long these kundalini yoga symptoms or dangers can last, but it’s not impossible to experience it, at varying degrees, for months or even years!

7. Stress

Poor sleep, depression, body pain, confusion, paranoia – don’t be surprised if you will feel so stressed! Worse, it can get so severe that you may not be able to function anymore.

Kundalini yoga is, overall, a beautiful type of yoga. Just to give you an idea of what it is, here’s a 30-minute class from YogaVision108:

In the end, kundalini yoga is something I recommend with a caveat: try it with a qualified, experienced, and responsible teacher. Safety should always be your first priority when it comes to yoga.

Look how Anne Claff here practices Kundalini Yoga despite its said dangers:

Learn more about kundalini yoga. Explore the world of hatha yoga today. 

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