Yoga For Men | 9 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga

by Tuesday, August 2, 2016

If you think yoga is only for women, then you’re dead wrong! From increased sex drive to reduced risk of heart health, here are 9 reasons to do yoga for men.

Let’s stop the madness right here, right now. There’s no such thing as yoga exclusively for women. In fact, the practice is for everyone! This means men are free to embrace it, and I highly recommend it for one reason: yoga for men is great for your body and health.

Yoga For Men | 9 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga

Better sex drive and health? Yoga for men is great for you! To encourage you to start doing it, I’ve outlined here 9 of the best reasons why you should pursue yoga for men:

1. Buildup of physical strength

Yoga For Men | 9 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga

While yoga may not give you the six-pack, it helps improve physical strength and defines or tones the muscles. After all, in most postures, you’re forced to carry your own weight.

2. More satisfying sexual life

The deeper sense of being and the stronger connection you develop with your body, mind, and spirit let you pay more attention and be more responsive to your partner’s sexual needs.

3. Faster recovery

Although injuries are still possible in yoga – after all, you’re working those muscles! – recovery is much faster since it’s a low-impact exercise. This means you can get back on your fitness regimen more quickly.

4. Better cardiovascular health

Yoga For Men | 9 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga

Fact: Men are more likely to develop heart disease than women. Although no exercise can guarantee a heart-disease-free life, yoga can significantly reduce the risk through regular exercise, enhanced mood, excellent blood circulation, and proper breathing.

5. Improved clarity and brain function

Yoga For Men | 9 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga

Yoga goes beyond stretches and breathing. It incorporates meditation, which is widely known to promote heightened brain function and clarity. This way, you make wiser decisions and gain a more positive perspective about life.

6. Reduced stress

Do you know that stress can kill? It even increases your risk of cardiovascular disease! To protect your immunity, avoid chronic inflammation, and take care of your overall health, do yoga.

7. Higher chance of succeeding in other workouts

Yoga For Men | 9 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga

Many athletes do yoga to increase their flexibility and range of motion, allowing them to become more efficient in other forms of exercises.

8. Exciting challenges

Today you no longer have any excuse to be bored with yoga. From hot to Vinyasa, you have so many forms to pick. This is great since it means you’re more likely to stick with the practice in the long term.

9. Enhanced immunity

Yoga For Men | 9 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga

With your stress levels down, emotional health stable, mind at peace, and body strengthened, the risk of developing chronic inflammation, which lowers your immunity, also drops.

I know, though, that yoga for men can be particularly challenging. So why don’t you start with a 10-minute yoga routine courtesy of Sean Vigue Fitness?

When it comes to yoga for men, don’t just take my word. Do it, and I guarantee you’ll have loads of fun while taking care of your health.

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