Peacock Pose Tutorial | Justin Trudeau’s Mayurasana

by Thursday, July 28, 2016

Would you like to be Justin Trudeau for a few minutes? Then master the peacock pose with this tutorial.

Peacock Pose Tutorial | Justin Trudeau’s Mayurasana

How To Be Like Canada’s PM By Learning And Doing The Peacock Pose

I have a confession to make: I really like Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau. He’s hot, he’s cool, he’s smart, and, most of all, he loves yoga! He and his wife are awesome ambassadors of the practice.

I love him even more when he did the peacock pose (mayurasana)! And not surprisingly, the Internet world felt the same way too when his photo spread like wildfire across social media.

As a way of paying tribute, I’ll share here a peacock pose tutorial by Dylan Werner:

1. Get into position

Peacock Pose Tutorial | Justin Trudeau's Mayurasana

Get on all fours with your toes together and your hands in. Bring your elbows closer to the ribs.

2. Move chest forward

Make sure your arms, hands, wrists, and shoulders are solid and stable. Then start leaning forward, spreading your knees wide.

3. Lift the knees up

Peacock Pose Tutorial | Justin Trudeau's Mayurasana

As your chest moves forward, you will notice that your hands get underneath the hips. At this point, try to lift your knees up. Then hold.

4. Spread legs wide

Bring your knees down then spread the legs wide.

5. Lift legs up

Peacock Pose Tutorial | Justin Trudeau's Mayurasana

Lean your chest forward then lift your legs up, pointing your toes. Hold.

Peacock pose is simple but NOT easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest yoga poses out there. It took me a couple of weeks to learn it, and even today, I still make some mistakes.

If you’re having a hard time doing the steps above, you can make some variations such as this one from Celest Pereira:

I don’t expect you to get the peacock pose the first or even the second or third time. I also don’t think you’ll get it all the time.

Also, if you have issues with your back, knees, or wrists, it’s best to consult your doctor first. Don’t forget to ask help from your yoga instructor during your first few attempts.

The secret to learning it, though, is to never quit. Try again and again, and you’ll soon be rewarded by a very strong body core and a beautiful mayurasana.

Is peacock pose a challenge? Perhaps you can try these beginning yoga poses

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