Karma Yoga For A Happier, Better, Positive Life

by Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Karma isn’t just an outcome you somehow expect to happen for something you did. There is Karma Yoga. But what is it? Is it just another type of Yoga made up of asanas? Well, let us all discover what Karma Yoga is.

Karma Yoga For A Happier, Better, Positive Life

A Positive Life for a Happier Disposition…

The definition of karma is different from one person to another; from one perspective to another. But as for you, what comes to your mind when you hear the word, karma? Is it something bad or something good? What’s your idea of karma being associated with yoga?  Yoga is meditation and a set of asanas to improve your way of living but yoga is not limited to that, so let me discuss to you how the two are associated as we define karma and yoga.

There is a broad definition of karma. It is an act, a deed, a result, a cause and effect of one’s actions. The cause is the action and the effect is yet to happen in the future. Inevitable to how the world runs, karma is a consequence of either good or bad. Karma comes from the philosophy of the different Indian religious teachings.

Meanwhile, yoga is a union—a unification of the mind, soul and the body.

Hence, Karma Yoga is an act of selflessness and discipline. It is a Yoga of Action. It purifies the heart by becoming selfless; someone who gives up their ego and who accepts himself and his fate. As a practice of selflessness, a person expects nothing in return for his deeds. Karma Yoga desires nothing but the unavoidable outcome of all actions done. With selfless act and offering oneself to the Divine, one will achieve liberation and a feeling of fulfillment.

As you go through a lot of teachings in this matter, you will see how deeply it is focused a lot on evolving oneself to becoming a better, healthy person, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Here are what matter most to the teachings of Karma Yoga:

1. Be Genuine

Karma Yoga For A Happier, Better, Positive Life

People often misunderstand the true value of help. Help comes in different ways– to what surrounds you and yourself. Help is when you give your utmost self in giving a hand to whatever is there in hope for aid. It is what you give selflessly as what Karma Yoga is all about. But it isn’t just about community service, assistance, and so forth. It is also sharing what you believe can make everyone around you grow spiritually.

Anticipating for what you should receive is in-genuine and contrasting to the beliefs of Karma Yoga. Keep an attitude of purity, selflessness, and a matter of putting your heart in whatever you do. One genuine act is a liberation to the soul.

2. Be Involved

Karma and Yoga involve oneself. Karma is cause and effect while Yoga is unity. Sometimes we tend to not know ourselves– what we want, need, what we know and not know, what we are. Each of us had probably asked ourselves the question, “What am I? Who am I? What is the purpose of my existence?” and we can’t even come up with what can suffice our longing for answers.

When we feel lost, we seek ourselves in many ways. Chances are either good or bad schemes. Opposing to that is what Karma Yoga is all about; helping find yourself from within in order to commit to what surrounds you. When you find and know your soul, you are in inner and outer peace. And when you are, you find yourself in a constant and tranquil transition which affects your motives and attitude. Become one with yourself, with God, and with the universe.

3. Be of Service to God

Karma Yoga For A Happier, Better, Positive Life

God is seen differently from one belief to another. Images and stories about him are limitless to the human mind. He is called differently: Allah to the Abrahamic religions, Jehovah in Christianity, Krishna in Hinduism, and so on. There are a lot more but one thing is the same, Your God and my God is God.

God’s teachings are nothing but in the name of virtue, righteousness, and morality. When you embrace Karma Yoga you offer yourself to God. You become the instrument to what he is. Acceptance, morality, unity, and humility is what God wants his people to possess. When you have all these, you have love– one love.

Practice Karma Yoga and find liberation in it. A healthy, happy life is all about being positive. Let positivity come first from yourself and have a positive outlook on life. If you can find it in yourself then you are able to do more than what you thought. I hope you have a positive life.

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