Benefits Of Yoga | Achieve Longer And Healthier Life

by Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Why is yoga good? I’ll tell you why: more people are experiencing the wealth of benefits of yoga! Here are 10 ways it promotes a healthier life.

Benefits Of Yoga | Achieve Longer And Healthier Life

10 Benefits Of Yoga That Promote A Healthier Life And Fitter Body

When I was starting my yoga practice, many of my friends and family asked, “Why do you do it?” I get it. They thought it’s boring, slow, and, well, a waste of time. It’s only when I started to explain and show the benefits of yoga that they learned to appreciate what I’m doing. Not only that, they were the first ones to sign up for my classes!

Yoga is amazing, and I want you to experience it too by telling you its many benefits:

1. Calmness

Benefits Of Yoga | Achieve Longer And Healthier Life

Yoga can help combat anxiety and encourage calmness by lowering your heart rate, adrenaline, and cortisol, which are all connected to stress.

2. Flexibility

Benefits Of Yoga | Achieve Longer And Healthier Life

Flexibility allows us to perform a wide range of motion and use our muscles effectively. Yoga is one of the best exercises to enhance it.

3. Physical Strength

Yoga doesn’t just promote flexibility, but it also helps build physical strength, as well as tones the muscles. After all, with yoga, you carry the weight of your body.

4. Decreased Chances Of Injury

With increased flexibility is the reduced risk of developing physical injuries. Further, because it’s low impact, it promotes faster recovery. No wonder it’s great for baby boomers!

5. Weight Loss

Benefits Of Yoga | Achieve Longer And Healthier Life

Many studies have shown how yoga can decrease stress levels and reduce insulin resistance. And with so many yoga classes to choose from, it now a fun exercise that you don’t want to stop once you’ve begun.

6. Improved Breathing

One of the benefits of yoga is proper and mindful breathing, which is critical in improving blood circulation. A better blood flow means healthier cells, which receive most of their needed nutrients from our blood.

7. Better Posture

Benefits Of Yoga | Achieve Longer And Healthier Life

A proper posture is useful in improving breathing, which then encourages a much better blood flow. An erect posture makes you look powerful and confident too.

8. Enhanced Immunity

Yoga is one of the best ways to sweat it out, thus removing a lot of toxins from the body.

9. Happier Mood

Benefits Of Yoga | Achieve Longer And Healthier Life

A number of studies have already cited how yoga postures and controlled breathing bring stress levels down and decrease depression and anxiety. And with a clearer and sharper mind, leaner body, and better posture, who wouldn’t be in a great mood?

10. Tolerance To Pain

With all those backbends and headstands, you would think that yoga is for the healthy. Not really. It’s for everyone, including those with body pain, like back pain. It may not cure the problem, but it can offer both short- and long-term relief.

To further show you one of the benefits of yoga, which is back pain relief, here’s a 30-minute exercise found in Yoga with Adriene:

Isn’t yoga wonderful? I can tell you a dozen more, but for you to really understand the benefits of yoga, it’s best to do it. Come, join me in my yoga journey.

Do you know of other benefits of yoga? I want to hear about it. Leave your comments below!

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