10 Poses To Try If You’re Just Beginning Your Yoga Lifestyle

by Saturday, July 23, 2016

I know you’ve heard a lot about yoga and the wonders it does to many people, especially to those who strongly believe in it. After seeing and hearing the benefits of yoga, it is now something you wanna do, not just because you’re curious about it, but because you want the same effects. If you want to dive right into the yoga lifestyle, here are the 10 poses you should try if you’re just starting out.

10 Poses To Try If You’re Just Beginning Your Yoga Lifestyle

Taking One Step Ahead Than The Others As You Indulge With The Greatness of Yoga

You hear it from people, you see it in television shows, you read it in all kinds of media you get your eyes on. Yoga. Yes, yoga. Frankly speaking, yoga is a popular fitness habit most people are trying out. From stay-at-home moms, teens, career-oriented people, bachelors, and celebrities. They find that they get their sense of relief from yoga.

Now, what do you have in mind when you imagine the practice of yoga? Do you see yourself seated on a mat, in a quiet room finding the audacity to get the routine done? Well, as you plan to enroll in a yoga class, let us help you out by giving you the benefit of the doubt with these poses that will absolutely fire up the thought of beginning yoga.

There are plenty of yoga poses you will learn by the time you have settled in the practice. The list goes on but below are just 10 of the easiest poses usually introduced in a first class.

1. Corpse Pose

First of the beginning yoga poses is the Corpse Pose. Look at that posture. It makes your laziness kick in but no, that isn’t just about lying on the ground. Shavasana, in Sanskrit term, is a meditative posture in any yoga practice. Shavana focuses on the essence when the body is in a neutral position. It induces a relaxed state, relieves stress, calms the brain, and helps lower blood pressure.

2. Bridge Pose

The bridge pose can be restorative or dynamic to opening the way in strengthening your body. With this pose, it intends to let all your limbs work while forming a bridge with your body. It is a beginning backbend which helps to open your chest and stretch your thighs.

3. Mountain Pose

10 Poses To Try If You're Just Beginning Your Yoga Lifestyle

It may look easy but behind that simple posture is a great substance to it. This posture is a foundation of many other poses you will encounter with yoga that requires balance and awareness. This posture is your way to learning alignment, proper posture, and balance to develop strength in your muscles.

4. Easy Pose

Though its name implies easy, this posture will challenge you one way or another. It is a comfortable seated position for meditation. This pose teaches you to adopt proper posture while being seated. It is usually chosen to begin or end a yoga session.

5. Warrior I Pose

The first in the Warrior series, which commemorates the  exploits of a mythical warrior, helps open your chest, hips, and strengthens your legs. It also stretches your arms and legs as it stretches your hip flexors, abdomen, and ankles. It is a vigorous standing posture that demands focus and determination. With both essential qualities, it can help you go through your yoga practice.

6. Warrior II Pose

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Warrior II is not really different from the first one. It is great for leg and core strength and is suitable for everyone. The benefits you will get from this posture is still like of Warrior I and it’s also great for improving your flexibility.

7. Downward Facing Dog

When you’re a veteran to yoga practice, you will know that this posture is a popular choice for most classes. Downward Facing Dog pose is a great way to stretch most parts of your body such as your back, arms, shoulders, and hamstrings. It is actually a posture where your body muscles are stretched well. I bet this one is gonna one of your first favorites!

8. Child’s Pose

Remember how you wanted to curl up as a child? Well, there’s somewhat a resemblance to that with this pose. A Child’s Pose relaxes your nervous system as well as a great breather between your routines. It also stretches your back and arms, which means you get a lot of benefits from this simple pose.

9. Tree Pose

Tree Pose | 10 Poses To Try If You're Just Beginning Your Yoga Lifestyle

Even when you’re just in a beginner’s class, it would still be better if you’ll be pretty challenged with a posture. As one of your beginning yoga poses, Tree pose can be your challenging posture as it requires great balance and focus but keeps you rejuvenated. The benefits of it include stretching of your back, legs, and arms. Plus, it improves your balance and concentration.

10. Cat-Cow Pose

This type of posture is a double shot in your routine. It is a great way to warm up your body specifically your back and spine. It helps improve your spine strength and flexibility as well as your abdominal strength. These two postures are combined together for a gentle, flowing yoga routine.

If you wish to try yoga first in your home, watch this video by Adriene and be pumped up for your yoga class:

Expect beginner’s classes easy as pie, so you will not be pressured by the idea of it of making a mess in your first class. You’re definitely not bound to be crawling out the room’s door with these poses cheat sheet. As a starter in the practice, you are sure to enjoy every bit of it. Let alone these beginning yoga poses that can help you prepare yourself for an amazing time. I hope you get to enjoy your first experience be pumped up for more yoga styles!

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